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Funeral Services

Cost & Payment


This depends entirely on your choice of casket and additional items such as flowers, newspaper notices, cemetery or cremation fees and catering. These form part of the account and obviously vary according to the choices made.

The funeral firm will also charge for its services – for making all the arrangements, use of hearses and other cars, and other services provided. We are more than happy to provide a free no obligation quote. Please call us or click here.

Please talk to us at Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors so that we can provide a service to suit both your needs and your financial circumstances.

If you have any financial worries, let us know as soon as possible. There are agencies we can help you approach, such as Work and Income, where a funeral grant may be available, depending on your level of assets and income. If the death was caused by an accident, ACC may be able to help.

Other entitlements are available for Ex-service Personnel and their families.


When a death occurs, bank accounts in the name of the deceased are frozen and in some cases cannot be accessed until after probate is granted. To ensure ongoing access by a partner, it is better for the bank accounts to be in joint names. When settlement of an estate is delayed by lack of probate, families should pay the funeral account by the due date and recover the funds from the estate when it is settled.

Most funeral firms send the account directly to the family and, if required, will send a copy to the solicitor. The person making the arrangements with the funeral director remains responsible for paying the account.


We will always sit down and discuss the Estimate of Financial Details. This estimate includes receiving instructions concerning funeral arrangements, personal care and attention of deceased, embalming/ mortuary care, obtaining death certificate from Doctor, preparing necessary documentation, attending to registration of death, provision of funeral home facilities and services, further transfers, after hours fees, paying disbursements and conducting other services in accordance with instructions.

The account will be dated the day of the funeral and will be posted within approximately seven (7) days after the funeral. An Administration Fee is charged on all accounts but if the account is paid within 21 days from the invoice date this will be deducted.

Unless specific arrangements have been made, the due date for full payment is 28 days from invoice date. If the invoice has not paid after 28 days this account becomes overdue and there will be penalties charged for late payment.

Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors are proud to be able to accommodate most budgets. There are Funeral Grants available through WINZ and ACC and we are happy to talk you through the options available to you.

Phone Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors on (09) 520 3119.

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I thought Sibuns were utterly professional, empathetic, communicative and frankly – in an age where ‘service’ is sometimes underwhelming, it was a privilege and pleasure to be looked after by the consummate professionals at Sibuns. Thank you all.



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