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Covid-19 Update

At 6am on Sunday 25th Feb, 2021, the Auckland Region will re-enter Alert Level 3 of the New Zealand Covid-19 Alert Levels.

As an essential service, our Funeral home remains open. We are determined to provide the best care and guidance for you at this difficult time. During Alert Level 3 we must operate under strict conditions, which are outlined below:

Funeral Services

Gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed for funerals and tangihanga. Physical distancing and public health measures must be maintained, with attendees keeping 2 metres apart where possible (apart from with people within their extended bubble). Our Funeral Directors will utilise the use of web streaming technology to ensure those unable to attend in person, can view the service from the safety of their own home. We are unable to hold any reception functions offering food or beverages, however, we have partnered with many local caterers who can deliver something special to your family home or take with you after the service. It’s a chance for you to celebrate and toast your loved one, from within your household bubble.

Healthy Grieving

Know that you aren’t alone. These limitations will have an effect on the way we honour those we’ve lost but we are committed to helping you find innovative ways to connect with your loved ones and can still offer counselling over the phone.

Cremations and Burials

Under Alert Level 3 cremations and burials will still take place, Cemeteries and crematoria are open and we can liaise with your chosen crematorium or cemetery for their guidelines under Alert Level 3.


We will attempt to make arrangements via telephone and have paperwork completed electronically. If this is not possible for you for any reason please let us know. If required we will make an appointment for you to visit the funeral home.

Only one representative may come to the funeral home if this is required.


There is an opportunity for family and whānau (up to 10 people in total) who have been in the same isolation bubble as the deceased (or would have been if the deceased died in isolation) to go to the funeral home to view the body in the first instance.

Other family, whānau, friends or others in separate isolation bubbles, and from within the same region, can go to the funeral home for viewing, but only up to a maximum of 10 people at any one time.

  • Viewings should be made by appointment only.
  • Viewings must be contained to family and whānau from within the same bubble (ie, no mixing of multiple bubbles for a singular viewing)
  • Individuals should only undertake one viewing (ie, people should not be coming and going as part of their bubble or with other bubbles)
  • Furthermore, the number of people who will be able to view the body may need to be negotiated with the funeral director depending on the size of the funeral home (taking into consideration social distancing and hygiene requirements)

Our Facilities

During this crisis our doors may be locked but you can still contact us via email or telephone. If you are required to come to us we will schedule a time for you to visit. Before and after your visit we will ensure all commonly touched objects and surfaces are cleaned.

Updated: 27 Feb 2021


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