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Sibuns offers

Bereavement Support

“I help people as they go through the grieving process and experience feelings of loss and bewilderment.”



Grief is our natural response to loss in our lives. As individually, grief affects each of us differently.

When someone dies, family and friends can find it hard to cope with the tremendous grief they experience and may be unprepared for important decisions and arrangements that need to be made.

After the funeral can be a particularly difficult time. Support from others may decrease and can leave one feeling isolated. Other feelings may include being overwhelmed and disorientated, numb, angry, exhausted, sad or lacking in confidence and hope. It is important to not brush these feelings aside – they are an expression of the significance of the loss and a normal part of the grieving process.

In recognition of this Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors provide a free after-care support service – someone to talk to and someone who can provide support and reassurance. Claire Seel has had many years working as a qualified counsellor and bereavement support person. She provides a listening ear, helps people understand their grief a little better and explores ways they can help themselves through this time.

Claire has helped many families following bereavement and has access to other support networks in the community should you require them. As well as her grief work, she works part time as a counsellor in a local high school and is a full member of the professional body NZAC.

Sibuns also makes available “Now What?” an informative book on grief by highly regarded counsellor Lois Tonkin. A colourful poster, “Remembering to Live” is also available for children and teenagers.

To get in touch with Claire please call 027 705 8835 or
phone Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors on (09) 520 3119.


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